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The Best Study Spots in College Station

Whether you feel like lounging by the pool with your calculus book, practicing foreign language verb conjugation on the sunny roof deck, getting down to business on your term paper in our high-tech study lounge, or studying classic style in the Crushing Memorial Library right across the street, Rise at Northgate offers a smorgasbord of great study options. Still, sometimes when you're in the middle of midterms you just need a change of pace, one where you can still get work done, but in an entirely new environment.

In fact, while it might seem like the best way to study effectively is to always return to a spot that is completely quiet and distraction-free, studies have actually shown that some variety can actually improve memory recall, making studying more effective. And luckily College Station has plenty of spots perfect for spicing up your study habits. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Sweet Eugene's House of Java: For those times when you can't decide between a milkshake and cup of Joe, Sweet Eugene's does a great job of combining both.
    • Sweet Horse: Not all of us are coffee fiends, which makes bubble tea a perfect choice. When you need a break they have board games, and when you get hungry enjoy a bowl of ramen next door.
    • Northgate Juice Joint: Intensive studying is notorious for encouraging eating lots of unhealthy foods. Nip it in the bud by surrounding yourself with lots of healthy options.
    • Babe's Doughnut and Coffee Shop: Of course there's a reason people enjoy junk food when they're studying. It provides a delicious break in the midst of all the work. And if you're going to indulge, you may as well enjoy Babe's delicious doughnuts, just over the town line in Bryan.
    • Gogh Gogh Coffee Company: And when you're in the mood to get caffeinated with a craft latte you won't go wrong with this top-notch coffee spot.

These are just a small sample of the great study spots that College Station offers. Enjoy exploring and finding your own favorites. Best of all, once you've found a great change of scenery, you can enjoy coming home to a beautiful community to keep studying. Get in touch to learn more about the many amenities for both studying and relaxing at Rise at Northgate.