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_0008_Book store

College Station is home to an array of bookstores that will delight all interests. From the big franchises to the unique, family-owned establishments, residents of College Station have plenty of aisles of literary finds to explore.

Here are some favorite locations:

Barnes and Noble

Being a widely known establishment, College Station's Barnes and Noble is able to have everything that a college student could be looking for, from books to movies to the latest magazines. They have also established a Starbucks in most of their stores, because who doesn't love a rich latte with their favorite read?

Half Price Books

This bookstore is a family-owned chain that buys and sells used books, movies, and music. The best part of Half Price Books is that you'll never know what you will find since inventory rotates so much.

BCS Books and Comics

They say to never judge a book by its cover. From the outside, BCS Books and Comics may seem like a hole in the wall, but on the inside, it is a gem in itself. Aside from having books, comics, and games, they also offer newly released movies for rent at an affordable rate. There are not many stores with this type of character to them anymore. BCS is located one mile north of College Station.

These bookstores are right outside the doors of Rise at Northgate Apartments. Please contact us with any questions about the area or if you wish to tour our community.