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Try Out a Dance Class Near College Station

Maybe you've always felt a little clumsy about dancing. You've purposefully avoided situations where dancing might take place. Or you've kept to the side of the dance floor, hoping it would all be over very quickly.

Or you might be the opposite - ready to go at the hint of any rhythm. You feel the pulse of a beat and you just can't help yourself. You've even been known to groove at the grocery store when the mood hits.

Either way, you would benefit from learning from the professionals. You can turn your two left feet into smooth dancing apparatuses or you can translate your instinct for dance into some highly coordinated moves.

Check out these local dance schools in College Station:

Dr. Susan Quirig's Ballroom Dance

You read that headline right. You'll be learning from the doctor.

Not only can this doctor teach you how to glide over the floor with graceful elegance she also offers instruction in art of etiquette, including professional etiquette.

You can take private classes if you'd rather or you can join any of a number of group classes. She also offers frequent dance parties where you'll start with a brief lesson and then be set free to amaze everyone!

The Dance Barre

Take a short drive to Bryan and find this studio which offers a wide variety of classes for adults. Offerings include, but are not limited to: tap, ballet, cardio dance, barre, ballroom, hip hop, jazz...and the list goes on!

This studio is membership-based, which allows you to attend any amount of classes under the flat fee. So you can try them all!

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