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The Best Specialty Shops Near Our Apartments in College Station, Texas

If you've remained in the area this Thanksgiving, but still crave the flavors of the season, why not host your very own dinner? With the help of local specialty shops, cooking can be as easy as pumpkin pie.

Step inside these local stores for all your holiday needs and delights:

Honey Baked Ham

While the mouth-watering flavor of the namesake's Honey Baked Ham is its crowning achievement, you can certainly find many other motivations for shopping here. If you're feeling a little uncertain about cooking the main course yourself, or you simply don't have the time, Honey Baked Ham provides the option of ham, turkey, beef or pork roast, and ribs. Whichever dish you serve, it will have your guests lingering at the table for extra servings. Ready-made side dishes may be all you need to complete your feast, and if that's the case, you'll find a delicious assortment of appetizers, sides, and salads.

Redfield Meats & Deli

Located just a couple of miles from College Station, Redfield, in Bryan, offers a wide selection of quality meat and seafood that includes special holiday options. You may opt for a Cajun fried or smoked turkey, or perhaps you want something completely different this year and decide on the turducken with crawfish jambalaya and traditional cornbread stuffing. For those of you not familiar with this dish, turducken is a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck, and both are stuffed into a boneless turkey. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be a pleasant surprise.

Brazos Natural Foods

If choosing natural or organic fare is your top priority, Brazos Natural Foods provides you with a complete selection of options. Quality organic produce is prominently featured, as are vegan selections, but they also offer a full assortment of locally-grown meats. You can bring your own containers to fill with bulk dried goods, such as herbs and grains. This gem has been tucked away on Texas Street since 1971, and it is certainly worth a stroll through to sample their variety.

Once you've gathered your holiday specialties, bring them back to unpack and prep for your guests to arrive at your apartment home. Feel free to give Rise at Northgate a call if you're looking for comfort and first-class amenities.