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Where You Can Find The Best Crepes in College Station

College Station is no stranger to excellent food...

And College Station is no stranger to some amazing crepes.

As a freshly-prepared wrapper for some delicious fillings, or a base for some satisfying toppings, a crepe might just become your favorite new thing.

Visit these sweet spots near our apartments in Northgate for some local crepe enjoyment:

Sweet Paris

Walk inside this place and feel refreshed and restored; the all-white decor shines with splashes of green.

You can come to Sweet Paris and enjoy a breakfast dish (on a crepe, of course) of "Allison's Parfait" with vanilla yogurt, fruit, almonds, and honey. Or dig into something heartier for your morning meal, like "The Feast" - a hearty medley of scrambled eggs, feta, ricotta, mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.

Many healthy options abound, though you might not think of this spot as a "health food" option, you can certainly find many nutritious options. Enjoy "The Vegan" with portobello mushrooms, black bean puree, corn salsa, and chipotle sauce; the flavors are outstanding and the crepe is guilt-free.

Or come for a special celebration and enjoy something sweeter, and more decadent, such as the s'mores crepe, which includes all of the amazing flavors of this fireside treat, sans mosquito bites!

Sweet Eugene's

Another place to head for your next crepe fix is Sweet Eugene's. This place also offers a full menu of smoothies, coffees/teas, sandwiches, and desserts.

Sweet Eugene's is quirky and fun, with cheerful menu items such as "Graceful Eggs It" - an egg, tomato, spinach, and cheese crepe. Another option is "Crepe Fear" with smoked turkey, mozzarella, tomatoes, and avocados - all smothered in an amazing ranch dressing.

This College Station favorite offers a great place to study, catch up on work, or even enjoy a crepe with a friend.

You'll always remember your time in College Station, and Rise at Northgate will make it even more memorable. Contact us for more information!

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