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Zoe's Kitchen Serves Up Something For Everyone's Diet

Craving something healthy and inspired by the decadent flavors of the Mediterranean but don't want to stray too far from our apartments in College Station, TX? Well, you're in luck because Zoë's Kitchen just opened a new location and it's less than a half mile away from Rise at Northgate.

Featuring a fresh menu of Mediterranean-inspired meals, Zoë's Kitchen is serving up something for everybody's healthy diet.

Paleo Pros

Zoë's Kitchen has several meal options for paleo lifestyle enthusiasts. Its exclusive paleo menu features items that are in line with this trendy eating style that combines copious amounts of saturated fats and vegetables with moderate amounts of protein and small portions of carbohydrates and fruits, such as chicken, shrimp or salmon kabobs, Mediterranean chicken and Moroccan citrus chicken.

Whole 30 Approved

The Whole 30 diet plan may be pretty restrictive in the foods that it allows, but Zoë's Kitchen has an entire menu of Whole 30-approved dishes that feature lots of fresh veggies, moderate amounts of protein and are sugar, legume, soy and dairy-free. Check out the chicken, shrimp or salmon kabobs or make a few smart substitutions (nix the feta and Greek tzatziki sauce) on the Cauliflower Rice Bowl for a tasty, healthy twist on the Whole 30 diet.

Special K, as in Keto

Zoë's Kitchen is dishing up a variety of Keto-friendly menu items that are low on carbs and high on fresh, Mediterranean flavor. Satisfy your Keto cravings with a Modern Mediterranean Snack Box or a Protein Power Plate. And, of course, the chicken, shrimp or salmon kabobs are always a yummy keto option.

Gluten-Free is the Way to Be

It can be hard for people practicing a gluten-free lifestyle to find dining options, but Zoë's Kitchen has a comprehensive menu of gluten and grain free items that are fresh, healthy and tasty. From starters like hummus and baked feta to full-flavored entrees like the Baked Falafel Family Dinner, the gluten-free are sure to find something to satisfy their hunger cravings.

Vegans and Vegetarians Welcome

Sure, many modern diets prioritize proteins over plants, but Zoë's Kitchen has an extensive menu of vegan and vegetarian-friendly items inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean. Think beyond salads (although, Zoë's Kitchen certainly offers a variety of delicious salads) and explore their selection of power bowls and pitas. With a wide assortment of veggie-friendly sides to choose from, vegans and vegetarians alike will find something fresh and healthy on the menu.

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