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Where to Find The Best Ramen in College Station

Ramen has been around for decades, providing a cheap and easy-to-make meal. But in the last few years, dozens of restaurants have opened up to provide authentic ramen in a variety of different flavors.

If you're craving ramen— and not the kind you can buy at a grocery store— check out these top ramen places near our apartments in College Station, TX.

Tanaka Ramen

When Tanaka Ramen opened on Texas Ave in 2017, it quickly became a town favorite. The restaurant features Japanese style dining with a large communal table and authentic Japanese decorations, including a glass case with Samurai armor in it. While they offer several different styles of Tonkatsu ramen, they also have a vegetarian option and miso ramen. For dessert, try their mochi.

Twisted Noodle Cafe

Twisted Noodle Cafe's menu has everything from traditional Chinese crepes and bubble tea to Chinese ramen noodles. While you're eating, you'll be able to watch their chefs pull the dough. While they appear small and tucked away, don't let that fool you. Their fresh noodles have made them a College Station favorite.

Master Yakiniku Korean & Japanese BBQ

This Asian restaurant is hidden away in a strip center in Bryan and offers Korean and Japanese cuisine. While most people go for their all-you-can-eat barbecue, their ramen is worth a try. They offer a selection of BBQ pork, chicken, beef, or shrimp ramen in a miso broth. Like many Korean barbecue restaurants, each table has a grill in the center so you can cook your own meat and you'll probably leave with your clothing and hair smelling like barbecue.

Rise at Northgate is just a short distance from some of the best ramen in College Station. If you're looking for a new place to live, contact us to learn more about why our residents love living here.

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