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Discover Fashionable Finds at Hemline

Hemline is a local boutique that is the perfect shopping choice for the fashion-forward ladies of Texas A&M. The first Hemline shop opened in New Orleans in 1994, and the company has since expanded to more than 25 locations throughout the South, including several in Texas. Our own College Station Hemline is located a ten minute walk from Rise at Northgate, which makes it a fun and easy choice for all your fashion needs.

The shop sells a wide variety of women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories in beautiful, modern styles. Whether you’re looking for a new dress for a special event or a cute bag to hold everything you need for class, you’re sure to find something you love at Hemline. The boutique is particularly well-known for its unique bag selection, and it also specializes in boho, contemporary clothing, and jewelry. The shop releases new collections every season, so you’ll find something different every time you visit.

Hemline is an innovative company that strives to find new ways to meet its customers’ needs by building on the things they already love. Should you fall in love with the styles Hemline offers, you may be interested in the company’s personal stylists, brand ambassador program and internships, which can take your love of fashion to the next level. Check out their website and find them on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures of the items Hemline has to offer!

Hemline is located at 166 Century Square, Suite 108. You can find it easily by turning left when you leave Rise at Northgate and walking down University Drive. It is open 10 AM-7 PM Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-8 PM Friday-Saturday, and 12 PM-5 PM Sunday.

Visit Hemline today, then contact Rise at Northgate to learn about more local businesses that make our location in the heart of Aggieland a great place to live!

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