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Odd & Interesting Things to Do in College Station

Are you looking for odd and interesting things to do while spending time in and around College Station? If so, we have a couple of recommendations that might just be right down your alley near our TAMU off campus housing.


Have you ever wondered what several hundred thousand bottle caps in one place look like? If so we have the alley just for you! Located in the Northgate neighborhood, Bottle Cap Alley is a must see and a prime photo spot. For more than 40 years people have been depositing bottle caps in the alley between the Dry Bean and the Dixie Chicken and while no one has ever counted some estimates are over 500,000 caps! If you make the trek remember to bring a cap of your own to add to this odd collection. Check out some cool pictures here courtesy of Yelp.


Full disclosure: you may or may not want to visit this tree based upon your level of superstition. The Century Tree, located on the campus of Texas A&M, was planted in 1891 as part of a project to determine what types of trees would thrive in less-than-ideal soil conditions. This oak is still standing strong 128 years later and has been spreading its seeds, literally, across Texas thanks to the Aggie Century Tree Project. Pretty normal tree behavior you might say, but here's where it gets weird. According to long-standing lore, any couple who walks under the tree will be together forever. Conversely, the story goes that if you walk under it alone you are destined to be a hermit for all of your remaining days. I don't know about you, but I would choose my tree viewing companions with some care. You know, just to be on the safe side.


Although you won't be able to technically see these world records happen they should still be a source of immense pride for everyone in College Station- actually, make that everyone in Texas for that matter. In the past three years College Station has set two food-related world records during the Spirit of Texas Festival. In 2017 The Guinness Book of World Records certified that College Station is the location of the world's largest chili con carne! This bad boy weighed in at 4,800 pounds and included 1,500 pounds of beef, 750 pounds diced onions, 300 pounds diced bell pepper, 1300 pounds diced tomatoes, 192 jars of minced garlic in oil and 50 pounds of chili powder! If that wasn't cool enough at the 2018 festival College Station was certified as having the world's longest ice cream sundae! Coming in at a shade under 4,550 feet this colossal ice cream treat was made using 500 pounds of of ice cream, 300 gallons of chocolate and strawberry syrups, 2,000 cans of whipped cream, 25 pounds of sprinkles and 20,000 cherries! While you have nearly a year until the next festival it gives you an adequate amount of time to come up with your own edible world record idea. I'm thinking nachos!

College Station is a wonderful city that is packed with culture, history and excitement. Located only minutes from the attractions listed above and much more, Rise at Northgate is the premier luxury community in College Station. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly and professional team members!