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Manage Exam Week With These 3 Meditation Techniques

Lots of people are beginning to embrace meditation as an easy and efficient way to reduce stress and improve concentration. You don't have to be a yogi or go on a retreat to realize the benefits of meditation. Residents can decompress here in our College Station, TX apartments.

Try one of these simple techniques to enhance your physical and mental well-being during those dreaded exams!


If you have trepidation about meditation or just don't know where to start, try a guided meditation. These meditations tend to provide a guide with a soft, soothing voice that will walk you through basic meditations step by step. The guide will help you navigate basic meditation techniques and mitigate distractions that can clutter your mind. You can stream lots of different guides on YouTube or try downloading free meditation apps. These are perfect for getting your toes wet during a short 5-10 minute break.


Don't feel like sitting still? Getting moving is actually a great way to meditate. A proper meditation is all about honing in on the world around you. Go for a walk and put away your earbuds. No podcasts. No music. Take a moment to focus on each step you take, and move your focus up through your body. Control your breathing as you walk, contemplating how your breath and steps intertwine to propel your body. Listen to the sounds of the world around you that you may normally tune out, like the wind rustling through trees or birds chirping. Just a calm walk around your block will get your blood moving and improve your focus when you return to the books.


If you're up for a challenge, try a concentration meditation. This meditation requires you to focus on one specific point or action. The most common concentration meditation is focusing on your breath. Try closing your eyes and breathing in through your nose. Focus on the feeling of the air flowing into your nostrils and filling up your lungs. Exhale. It's normal if you feel random thoughts come into your head. Acknowledge the thoughts and let them flow out, returning your focus to counting ten breaths. This is a manageable meditation you can do at your desk to strengthen your clarity and focus come test time.

We hope you will try one of these meditation techniques to reduce all the stress that comes with final exams. Please contact us to let us know if we can assist you and good luck getting to the finish line!