Hit The Books At These Cozy College Station Study Spots

You know what it's like when you find that perfect study spot. For whatever reason, there's just enough space to spread out and the perfect amount of ambient noise to help you concentrate on what you need to work on that day. Finding the ideal place to study is crucial because even though apartments in College Station, TX are great places to live, it can be hard to study at one's own home sometimes. So if you're looking for a great place to study in College Station, here are a few of the best:


You'll need to buy something to get WiFi access, but Harvest Coffee Bar's delicious selection of coffees and snacks will make that task easy to complete. It's worth it because the cozy atmosphere and peaceful decor at Harvest Coffee Bar & Fare make it a wonderful place to focus on one's studies. We especially love how their big tables make it easy to spread your books out.


When a coffeehouse is as spacious and inviting as The Brew is, it's destined to become a legendary study spot. They really strive to be a place where members of the community feel at home. Consequently, you'll find their warm and friendly service and welcoming decor extremely conducive to getting lots of work done.


Okay, we know, it seems a little obvious, recommending the library as a study spot, but don't discount the Sterling C. Evan's Library when looking for a place to cram! There's a Starbucks on the first floor if you need to get some caffeine, you have innumerable research resources right there on-site, and there are a ton of quiet nooks and crannies in this spacious facility, so you're sure to find the optimum place to work in peace.

Of course, Rise at Northgate offers apartments near Texas A&M that are so inviting, you might not need to leave home to get your work done. If you're thinking that our vibrant apartment community might be the perfect place to hit the books, definitely contact us so we can show you around soon!