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Relax & Recharge at Harvest Coffee

Beyond a well furnished, comfortable home, it's always a benefit to have great neighborhood spots that are easily walkable. A short stroll up University Drive is one of those places to count as a neighborhood gem.

Tucked away inside the Century Square retail development, - just a stone's throw from our College Station, TX apartments - sits a new outpost of the Bryan, TX downtown mainstay, Harvest Coffee. This new location in College Station offers a bright, inviting space with ample tables to share a creamy latte with friends or sit with a cup of coffee as you finish that final term paper.

Harvest Coffee Bar remains an admirable operation as they are known for investing in the communities in which they operate and in the staff that runs their shops.  As a result of these values, you can expect amazing service when stopping by this Bryan-College Station mainstay.

Harvest Coffee has been successful due to their coffee sourcing and preparation of the sacred beans. Here are a few of their offerings:

  • Drip - traditional filter brewed coffee
  • Chemex - pour over paper filter brewed coffee
  • Kone - more oils and body than a traditional Chemex brew, similar to French press
  • Slo Bru - 10-hour Japanese style cold-brew process; low acid, high caffeine

If you're not a classic coffee junkie, Harvest Coffee also has espresso drinks, flavored lattes, chai lattes, tea, hot chocolate and their own creations they call Fogs (a mixture of tea, syrup and steamed milk). To pair with their handcrafted beverages, they also have a welcoming selection of:

  • Quiche
  • English muffins
  • Danishes
  • Hot sandwiches
  • Cold sandwiches
  • Salads

The flavors of their menu are diverse enough to appease tastes all over the board. So when you want a delicious caffeinated treat or just need a calm spot for a first date or get some work done, Harvest Coffee Bar is a wonderful choice.

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