Pokeworks Serves Fresh, Delicious Meals in College Station

Have you tried poke? A Hawaiian staple, it is usually comprised of raw marinated fish paired with rice, pickled vegetables, and other toppings.

As you can imagine, there are endless combinations that make poke fun, delicious, and hearty. Pokeworks originated in Manhattan back in late in 2015; since then, they have opened numerous locations all over the nation. Lucky for us, we now have one in our community near our apartments in College Station, TX.

Choose from Healthy Ingredients

The menu makes it easy to select exactly what you want and leave off what you don't. At the counter, you begin with either a poke bowl, burrito, or salad. With either kale noodles, quinoa, rice, a seaweed burrito wrap, or fresh lettuce as a base, all options are packed with nutrients.

For protein, you can select raw tuna or salmon, or opt for chicken, shrimp, scallops, or tofu if raw fish isn't your thing. From there, the options are truly endless—you can choose whatever veggies, fruits, seaweed varieties, and sauces your heart desires. Pokeworks also offers a number of delicious crunchy toppings. Their garlic crisps and toasted rice puffs are not to be missed.

Managing dietary restrictions? Don't worry. Pokeworks breaks down their nutrition information in great detail.

Sustainably Sourced: Good for You, Good for the Planet

Pokeworks strives to make their business good for the earth on all fronts. From ensuring responsible fishing practices to building their restaurants from reclaimed wood, you can feel good about visiting their restaurant. They prove that food delivered fast isn't the same as typical "fast food."

Consider Catering

Hosting a party anytime soon? Pokeworks offers a number of catering options for groups of all sizes. Your guests will clamor to learn more about who catered such a flavorful spread.

Contact us to learn more about restaurants nearby and our apartments in College Station, TX. We can't wait to hear from you!